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livres d'artistes publiés par l'atelier Mutel depuis 1988

Livres d’artistes & estampes publiés

1. [anonymous]. Contes Zagawa. Paris: Didier Mutel, 1989. 

38 x 28 cm. 12 leaves; 4 engravings. 

2. [Mutel, Didier] and Saint-John Perse. Oiseaux de Saint-John Perse. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1991. [4] leaves, [48] p., [4] leaves; 46 x 11 cm. Japanese binding with wooden boards and leather laces. 120 copies on Vélin d'Arches numbered 1-120. The book is based on Saint-John Perse Oiseaux (Paris: N.R.F., 1963), and includes 36 original serigraphs by Didier Mutel. 

3. Mutel, Didier. 40 Croquis Gravés [40 Sketches of Birds]. Paris: Didier Mutel, 1990. 16 x 25 cm. 43 small plates: half-title leaf, title leaf, 40 plates, colophon leaf, aquafortis and dry point. One of only 17 copies. Housed in a dark gray cloth covered slip case. 

4. [Mutel, Didier] Zweig, Stefan. Amok, ou, Le fou de malaisie. Paris: Didier Mutel, 1992. 72 pages. 

28 cm x 76 cm including 15 original color etchings by Didier Mutel. Text in French printed letterpress by Presses Universitaires de France on Velin d’Arches 250 gram paper. Housed in a lead and brass slipcase. Limited to 40 copies. 

5. [Mutel, Didier] Zweig, Stefan. Lettre d'une Inconnue. Paris: Didier Mutel, 1992. 1 scroll ; 19 cm + 1 canister (22 x 14 cm). Text in French printed letterpress by Presses Universitaires de France. Limited edition of 70 signed and numbered copies, 12 copies numbered I-XII on ivory laid paper backed with carmine Topkapi fabric; 58 copies numbered 13-70, on ivory laid paper backed with carmine cotton fabric. Housed in a cardboard cylinder covered with lead by Didier Mutel, and sealed in a brass welded tin.

6. Mutel, Didier. Le fil du Météor. 1993. 

7. Mutel, Didier. jekyll et hyde, autopsie d'une dualité, mémoire. 1993. 

10. [Mutel, Didier] and Robert Louis Stevenson. The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Paris: Didier Mutel, 1994. 96 pages : illustrations ; 29 x 39 cm. 

Design and layout by Didier Mutel. Unbound gatherings laid in a folder and slipcase.

11. Mutel, Didier. "Le cas étrange du D. Jekyll et de Mr. Hyde". 1994. Paris: Atelier Leblanc, 1994. 29 x 39 cm. 96 pages; 10 engravings printed preceding the text (the Jekyll suite, showing the front of the mask) and 20 extra hand-colored engravings following the text. 

12. Mutel, Didier. Portrait of an Unknown Engraver. Paris: Atelier Leblanc, 1995. Suite of four plates (108 x 88 cm), after original drawings by Didier Mutel, monotype, and eau forte (hard ground) on steel plates, hand colored. Printed in an edition of 7 copies on colored paper, with china ink, pochoir, and hand-coloring in acrylic. Certain copies done in black on white paper.

13. Mutel, Didier. The metamorphosis. 1996. 

14. Mutel, Didier. Thirteen ways to look at a blackbird. 1997. 

15. Mutel, Didier. Justine ou les malheurs de la vertu, unpublished. 1997. 

16. Mutel, Didier. Outside Project. 1997-2010. 

17. Mutel, Didier and Andrea Dotti . La Gradiva. [Rome]: [Didier Mutel], 1999. (56 x 38 cm) 46 pp. First edition of an original text by Andrea Dotti and 21 original double-page engravings by Didier Mutel published in 1999 at l’Académie de France, Villa Médicis in Rome. The entire text was photoengraved and reworked with aquatint engraving and drypoint etching on copper, then printed as large two-page spreads from a single plate, by Didier Mutel on the press of the Villa Médicis in Rome on 160 gram Velin d’Arches paper, in an edition of 30 copies signed and numbered by Mutel. Bound in rough toile de jute, painted grey blue. 

18. Mutel, Didier; Alain Fleischer. Mummy Mummies. [Rome]: Didier Mutel, 1999. 48 pp. 25cm x 32cm. Printed by Didier Mutel on the press of the Villa Médicis in Rome on Velin d’Arches, 160 grams, in a limited edition of 44 copies, 20 of which are numbered 1-20 for Alain Fleischer, 20 copies numbered 21-40 for Didier Mutel, and 4 copies numbered 41-44 reserved for friends of the collaborators, all copies signed by Fleischer and Mutel. Text and original photographs by Alain Fleischer published at the l’Académie de France, Villa Médicis in Rome. The text was photoengraved and etched with acid on copper plates. Six original chemically unfixed silver gelatin photographs, protected by red safelight polyester barrier sheets, and housed in a lead slipcase. 

19. [Mutel, Didier] and Francis Ponge. La murmure : condition et destin de l'artiste. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2001. 64 leaves, 12cm x 24 cm. Gray paper wrappers, with an extra bifolium serving as endpapers, spine printed in black "Le murmure Francis Ponge", housed in a gray paper covered slipcase. Includes five original etchings printed in black by Didier Mutel. The entire text was photoengraved and reworked on copper plates and printed on 31 gram Japanese Sekishu shi paper. Based on Ponge’s original edition (Lyon: Henneuse, 1954), this edition was designed and printed by the artist in 2001. The edition created at the request of L'Association Internationale de Relieurs, consists of 99 copies; 84 copies numbered 1-84, 10 copies for collaborators that include an original drawing by Mutel and numbered I-X, and 5 copies reserved for copyright deposit; all copies numbered and signed by Didier Mutel. 

20. [Mutel, Didier] Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2002. Folio (36 cm); 192 pp. Limited to an edition of 40 copies numbered from 1 to 40, and signed by the artist. Bound in specially designed handmade paper wrappers, in paper-covered slipcases, each volume is intaglio printed on 160 gram velin d'Arches and 31 gram Sekishu-Shi Japanese paper. 

21. [Mutel, Didier] Lewis Carroll. Through the Looking Glass, and what Alice found there. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2004. 224 pp. Both volumes limited to an edition of 40 copies numbered from 1 to 40, and signed by the artist. Bound in specially designed handmade paper wrappers, in paper-covered slipcases, each volume is intaglio printed on 160 gram velin d'Arches and 31 gram Sekishu-Shi Japanese paper.

22. Mutel, Didier. Sechs Préluden für Violoncello solo, BWV 1007-1012 /Johann Sebastian Bach. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2004. 56 pp. 15 cm x 26 cm. The edition limited to 100 copies, numbered 1-100 and signed by Mutel, consists of aqua fortis printed on Arches paper. Eight loose quires of etchings inspired by the musical notation of selected movements from Bach's cello suites, issued in slipcase decorated with musical staves. 

23. Mutel, Didier. Un coup de dés. 2003-2005. 

25. Mutel, Didier. Manifeste de l'Acide Brut. Paris and Orchamps France: Didier Mutel, 2006. 81 leaves; 44 cm. Manifeste de l’Acide Brut is Mutel’s point of view on etching in France in 2006. 

26. Mutel, Didier. Lettre Ouverte et Proposition Faiste par un Editeur Parisien Artiste de son Estat aux Membres de l'Academie Francoyse de 1er Avril de l'an deux mille sept et imprimie a sept cens soixante et dix sept exemplaires. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2007. [22 x 18cm]: 18 [unsigned] [32 pp]. Thick brown paper folded and stapled, printed in black. 

27. Mutel, Didier. 12 Auto-Portraits in Photogravure. Orchamps: Atelier Didier Mutel, 2008. 12 Photogravures (66 x 25 cm) printed on Arches paper. Photographic self-portraits of the artist, photoengraved on copper plates, with aquatint and drypoint etching. An irregular number of copies of each plate was printed in either 20, 22, or 24 copies, according to the available paper stock at hand, each print bearing the limitation in pencil. 

28. Mutel, Didier. The Forbes Simulachres: historiees faces de la mort, autant elegammẽt pourtraictes que artificiellement imaginées. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2009. 73 sheets. 42 cm x 65 cm. Printed on Rives 270 grams. Text from Les simulachres de la mort published in Lyon in 1538. This dance macabre depicts death visiting the wealthiest people on earth, based on the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest people. 42 copies signed and numbered by the artist. Housed in wooden case with the lid constructed from one of the woodblocks.

29. Mutel, Didier. Business Plan in 10 points of the Atelier Didier Mutel (with previsions for the 10 coming years from the year 2010 to the year 2020 destinated to all those who don't believe in it). Paris: Didier Mutel, 2010. [96 pp]. 24 cm x 33 cm. One of forty-two signed and numbered copies, in a white paper wrapper with "BUSINESS PLAN" printed in black on the spine. Housed in a blue cloth slipcase. 

30. Mutel, Didier. My Way I. Paris: Didier Mutel, 2010. [8] p. : ill. ; 64 cm. + 1 sound disc. Title page and 7 pages showing 7 etchings, resulting of engraved performances. Japanese binding. 42 copies in a custom slipcase. Seven copper-plate engravings created using fire and explosives to engrave the copperplates, while Sid Vicious sings 'My Way' in the background, issued in cloth case. According to the artist, "My Way is the generic title given to the first Acide Brut Action." 

31. Mutel, Didier. Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton, 2011. 

32. Mutel, Didier. Les 7 ciels de l'Apocalypse. 2011. 

33. Mutel, Didier. Acide Brut Manifesto; Code(x) + 1, Monograph Series no. 6. Berkeley: Codex Foundation, 2011. 24 pp. Wrappers. Translated from the French by Jonathan von Zelowitz; Introduction by Timothy Young. English language text of Mutel's "Manifeste de l'Acide Brut" (2006), number six in the Coxdex Foundation's monograph series on contemporary printing, book arts, typography, and artistic practice and theory. 

34. Mutel, Didier. Description of Egypt. 2012. 

35. Mutel, Didier. My Way II. 2013. 

36. Mutel, Didier. Nova Terra Acidæ. Orchamps: Atelier Didier Mutel, 2015. 48 etched plates, printed on paper and mounted on Corian. (approx. 150 x 370 cm, when displayed flat) The 48 plates, or globe gores, when assembled as a sphere form a globe. The continents, islands, oceans, and seas of the Nova Terra Acidæ are named for various artist-etchers, such as Goya, Manet, and Rembrandt. Printed in an edition of 30 copies; 5 prototypes of the complete globe were produced, each unique. 

37. Mutel, Didier. La Pierre Rosette (or the Rosetta Stone). Orchamps: Atelier Didier Mutel, 2015. One large broadside (108 x 87.5 cm) Eau forte etching in copper and printed in black, in an edition of 50 copies, plus one copy on Japanese paper adhered to a translucent concrete slab, mounted on an oak pedestal. 

38. Mutel, Didier. Zero Acid. Orchamps: Atelier Didier Mutel, 2015. 2 plates (40 x 30 cm) printed from wood blocks, both laser cut, one (black) in relief and the second (red) in intaglio, emphasizing the visual combination of printing techniques, and thus the ethics of the Atelier Didier Mutel. An edition of 7 copies. Meant to accompany the Zero Acid exhibition poster. Printed by Didier Mutel. 

39. Mutel, Didier. Zero Acid [Exhibition poster]; January 27-29, 2015, Institut Superior des Beaux Arts, Besançon, France. Besançon, France: Institut Superior des Beaux Arts, 2015. Serigraph printed in black on white paper (39 5/8 x 27 3/4 in.) (100.5 x 70.5 cm). Text in French and English. Printed at Ecole Beaux Arts by Mutel’s students, in an unknown number of copies (perhaps 60), with a certain number of copies printed in color. 

40. Mutel, Didier. HomoAcidis. Orchamps: Atelier Didier Mutel, 2016. 15 plates (30 x 40 cm) printed on two presses: in black from photopolymer plates, then in red from eau fort etched copper, and finally hand colored in red spray making each copy slightly different. Printed in an edition of 7, of which 5 are for sale.

41. Mutel, Didier. The First Atlas of the United States of Acid. Orchamps and Paris: Atelier Didier Mutel, 2017. This edition of THE FIRST ATLAS OF THE UNITED STATES OF ACID printed on Arches 250 gram paper (56 x 76 cm) is limited to 101 boxed copies, as follows:

42. Mutel, Didier. R217A: Resolution 217A des Nations Unies: Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme. [Paris, and Orchamps]: [Atelier Didier Mutel], 2016. 70 leaves; Regular copies 20 x 30 cm; Deluxe copies 30 x 40 cm. Silk and carbon paper, printed with white ink on white silk paper, bound in white paper wrappers. Each copy is housed in a white Corian two-piece box with a debossed title on the front cover. Signed by Didier Mutel. 108 copies, of which 5 deluxe, 3 hors commerce for the collaborators, and 100 regular copies.

43. [Flaubert, Gustave]. Sidereus Nuncius. [Orchamps, France]: Didier Mutel, 2018. 

408 x 408 mm. 32 leaves. Title page, Flaubert excerpt, and 29 monotypes by Didier Mutel, Colophon.

Every monotype is numbered and signed by the artist. Limited edition of 13 copies; 10 regular copies housed in a handmade walnut and elm box. Two deluxe copies, and one collaborator's copy for the atelier.